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    Filmgenetik Production was established in 2013 which's aim is to provide the best production service with following up the latest technological developments. At Filmgenetik, we don't just use the latest technology we also create it.

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Murat Tellioğlu

Genel Müdür

Mehmet Kerem Eteş

Yönetmen - İHA Pilotu

Cenk Kalava

Yönetmen - Proje Sorumlusu



We create solutions for all your production workflows with our creative team.

Aerial Cinematography

Our Multicopter systems will fly with any camera system that your production pipeline requires.

Stock Footage

For high quality stock footage please visit our stock footage profiles.

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We focus your idea into a unique vision and identity


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Filmgenetik - Showreel

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Onuk Cars - Sazan

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Topkapı Grup A.Ş

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BKS Reklam Filmi

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İstanbul Tarihi Yarımada Belgelesi

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Ciner Enerji Reklam Filmi

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Derimod Tanıtım Filmi

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